Lover of Mana-Sama (snarrylover) wrote in adopt_a_person,
Lover of Mana-Sama

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pocky (or all hail hocky or something, I swear I read the rules.)

Claim: Mana
Claim's Band (if involved in one): Used to be Malice Mizer
[curiousity's sake] Why this artist?: Have you SEEN him?! Gah the man is way to hot...
[survey] Would you like the thought of being able to claim songs, knowing you wouldn't get any fancy images?: Ummm sure? Yes.
What do you wish this community allowed?: MMmm I don't know, I just want a place that I can say "See?! Mana IS mine. " Bwahahahhahah./...-coughhackcough-
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