Kai Kuroda (kaiya_chan) wrote in adopt_a_person,
Kai Kuroda

Claim: Duo Maxwell
Claim's Series/Manga: Gundam Wing
[curiousity's sake] Why this character?: Because he's my favorite characer from GW, because he's like me, only male. In fact, before I got my hair cut, I was constantly being compared to him with my long brown braid and all black clothing.
[survey] Would you like the thought of being able to claim couples (shounen ai or not), knowing you wouldn't get any fancy images?: I'd love it, and I'd immediately attempt to claim DuoxWufei as my couple.
What do you wish Adopt-A-Person allowed?: More than one claim as long as they're from different anime series. Then I could claim Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist as well.
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