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All Hail Pocky and Guitars

Hey Everybody,

Stumbled across this on my way to an icon comm, but thought it sounded interesting. You can call my Sennen, or SC, if you don't like typing as much as I do. //grins//

Claim: Trieze Kushrenada
Claim's Series/Manga: Gundam Wing/Endless Waltz
Why this character?: Trieze has been one of my all time favorite charcaters ever since I saw this series back in fifth grade. He's suave, calm, charismatic...and devilishly handsome. Have you heard his american voice? If thre's a voice that could make you shiver, that's it. Seriously sexy.
[survey] Would you like the thought of being able to claim couples (shounen ai or not), knowing you wouldn't get any fancy images?: Fancy images? Who really cares the idea of owning a couple period is a delectable idea. But what about threesomes?
What do you wish Adopt-A-Person allowed?: Having more than one claim. Two would be nice, but no more than that, really.

Thanks guys! You've made my day with this. Oh and Trowa says hi everyone! ---> ///^
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