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Adopt a person today

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Adopt a Person
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Adopt a Person!
Congratulations... somehow you've stumbled across our community...

Adopt a Person is a community where you claim whoever you want (within anime/manga, games, and music boundaries), and with your claim, you get an image.. if that's not enough information, you can leave... or you can go read the rules and regulations. ^^;


1) One claim per person. This may change, but not any time soon.
2) Read the claims list before claiming!
3) Promote us once, and prove it (give the URL/link). You may promote us twice if you wish, but no more than that. If you promote us more than twice, we'll get angry. You won't like us when we're angry.
4) Please, d0n'T tYp lyK DiZZz. There is nothing wrong with that sort of typing, it's just hard to read. And it'll cause your claim to be ignored.
5) Don't bitch at users, or moderators because you can't have things your way. You'll be banned (one warning only).
6) Tell us where your adoption image is going to be (in your livejournal user info, on your website), and provide us with a link.
7) If I have a problem with your claim (-if I am unable to find a good image of him)
8) Prove you've read the rules, and agree to abide by them. Put "All hail pockey and guitars" in the subject line."

Or you can put pocky, as I have just been informed that I spell it wrong ^^; Thank you... demervielles for pointing that out.

1) General rules apply.
2) You may not claim a series.
3) Fill out the application.

Claim's Series/Manga:
[curiousity's sake] Why this character?:
[survey] Would you like the thought of being able to claim couples (shounen ai or not), knowing you wouldn't get any fancy images?:
What do you wish Adopt-A-Person allowed?:

-You can claim any music artist, I promise (J rock/pop artists included). There are really no limitations...

1) General rules apply.
2) You may not claim an entire band.
3) Fill out the application.

Claim's Band (if involved in one):
[curiousity's sake] Why this artist?:
[survey] Would you like the thought of being able to claim songs, knowing you wouldn't get any fancy images?:
What do you wish this community allowed?:

Extra (but important)
-The claims list will updated... atleast once a week. If anything on the weekends, or Friday. Hell, it may even be updated everyday. Depending on how I feel. But it will definitely be updated once a week.
-You can swear if you want, just don't use it in offense towards another user, or moderator. You'll be banned. No warnings (unless you consider this one).
-You will recieve your claiming image in a comment, with your lj-username on it (on your nickname... whatever)... and it will look something like this:

Without the big SAMPLE on it.

-A contest image will appear out of nowhere, at no specific time... (in an entry) and look like this.

This is our idea of a contest. Every fortnight or so, I'll make an entry with an adoption within it. Comment if you want it. It won't be there for long (an hour or so), and once it's gone, I'll make a list of who got it (in the same exact entry). Contests are contests, and so even if you already have a claim, you get another one. ^^

Last, but not least... The Moderators/Maintainers...

sil_verand_cold - Ashley
twistedxviolet_ - Nikki
dunceboyroom300 - Jonathan
icepixie_4 - Cayla