yasu ka kazu (trickylady) wrote in adopt_a_person,
yasu ka kazu

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eeto,I just joined and I would like to claim the one I adore the most.

Claim's Band (if involved in one): ex due le quartz
Why this artist?:because I have liked him for months now and I probably will continue for a long time
Would you like the thought of being able to claim songs, knowing you wouldn't get any fancy images?: yeah, why not. that would be pretty cool
What do you wish this community allowed?: um..im not quite sure, maybe claim objects..haha. that was a joke. I really don't know.

my name is yasmina btw..^^

if u need a pic here it is.

thank you so much, in advance. ^^

and Im promoting here(my userinfo): http://www.livejournal.com/userinfo.bml?user=trickylady
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